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  • Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co., Ltd
  • ADD:No.16,Fengjin Road,Wuzhong District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,Province,
  • China
  • 10m³/hr Series Hydrogen Generator by Water Electrolysis

    Product Details:

    SERIES DQ10 Skidded-type Middle Pressure Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator Plant

    DQ 10
    H2 ProductionNm3/h1015
    Delivery Pressure15-30 Bar
    H2 PurityWithout HPS: 99,9% (H2O saturated); O2<1000ppm, 
    With HPS:99,999% (99,9999% as option); O2<5ppm (1ppm as option); Atm. Dew point: -60°C (-76°C as option)
    O2 ProductionVented (O2 use as an option)
    O2 Purity98.5%
    Output regulating50-100%
    Operation temp85℃±5
    Electrical requirements
    Power Consumption5kWh/Nm3
    DC current920A
    DC voltage5276
    Installed power1 x   65KVA1 x   98KVA
    Voltage380/415KVAC ± 3% (adjustable)
    Frequency50 Hz ± 3% (60 Hz ± 3% as option)
    Utilities Required
    ElectrolyteKOH30%, Analytically pure
    DM water< 1 liter/Nm3 H2, 2 to 4 bar( RO system as option)
    Cooling waterTemp.: 30°C, Flow: 2-3m3/h (2 to 4 bar)
    Nitrogen for purgeApprox. 3Nm3 per purge at 4 to 10bar
    Instrument Air±100 l/min (3-6bar)
    Gas-lye Separating Frame2000*1500*2500

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