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  • Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co., Ltd
  • ADD:No.16,Fengjin Road,Wuzhong District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,Province,
  • China
  • 1993

    JINGLI was founded at Wuzhong Dist.,Suzhou city, and registered by 25 million yuan(RMB)


    JINGLI successfully developed the biggest capacity of 200Nm3 / h hydrogen generator controlled by computer; and won the "Top China" certificate.

    Granted to be Jiangsu province high-tech enterprise.


    JINGLI developed successfully another largest capacity of 375Nm3/h hydrogen generator in domestic.


    2 sets of DQ150/1.6 hydrogen plants were used in the first hydrogen filling station for fuel cell car during Olympic Games in Beijing


    Participated in state 973 scientific research project the hydrogen energy system for large-scale-non-grid-connected wind power and it was applied successfully in site at Dafeng, Jiangsu.


    JINGLI developed successfully the largest capacity DQ-500/1.6 water electrolysis hydrogen generator controlled by microcomputer.

    Obtained TS certificate

    Granted to be Jiangsu provincial enterprise tech-center


    Succeeded in the exploration of new-type high efficiency and low energy consumption water electrolysis hydrogen generator;


    Non asbestos membrane was successfully developed and applied into many projects.


    Lead the national mandatory standards draft work of Minimum Allowable Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis.

    Developed successfully the high-efficiency& energy-saving  electrolyzer.


    The first domestic renewable energy hydrogen station is put into operation in September 2016 using the movable (container-type) hydrogen plant produced by our company. The hydrogen station is one of the National 863 projects.

    Mini-type hydrogen production equipment was successfully manufactured and delivered to customers.

    Developed successfully PEM electrolyzer


    1000 Nm3 / h large-scale water electrolysis hydrogen generator has been developed for commercial application.