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  • Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co., Ltd
  • ADD:No.16,Fengjin Road,Wuzhong District,Suzhou,Jiangsu,Province,
  • China
  • Suzhou Jingli Hydrogen Production Equipment Co.,Ltd(SJH) was founded in 1993, located in Wuzhong Dist., Suzhou, Jiangsu province. It is a high-tech group enterprise focusing on scientific research and production for water electrolysis hydrogen generator and hydrogen treatment equipment. SJH currently employs more than 180 people, including over 40 percentage of professional technicians.

    In 2017, SJH was awarded the "Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center of Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production Equipment" by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department. We have developed waterelectrolysis hydrogen generators of capacity from 2m³/h to 1000m³/h. 

    As early as 1995, SJH has successfully developed the biggest capacity 200m³/h for large scale hydrogen generator controlled by microcomputer in domestic, and won the honor of "Top China" . In 2005,  a larger model 375m³/h was developed successfully. Moreover, the world's largest capacity 1000m³/h for a single unit of hydrogen generator has been successfully developed and delivered to the users in 2017. 

    At present, SJH has the ability to produce capacity 1500m³/h for a single unit of hydrogen generator, which is in the world's leading level. The large scale hydrogen recovery and purification equipment(treatment capacity 100-8000m³/h) has been successfully put into use by dozens of enterprises at home and abroad, greatly saving hydrogen and redcuing energy consumption, exhaust gas and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the reduction of the production cost of the enterprise while protecting the natural environment, and well received by the users.

    The company has a strong technical force and a first-class product quality. It has a large number of technical experts and management personnel engaged in the development, management and manufacture of hydrogen generator and related gas equipment for a long time. The products are also exported to the United States, Russia, Belarus, Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh, Turkey, South Africa, and more than 30 countries and regions along "The Belt and Road". So far, thousands of equipments have been successfully delivered to customers.

    SJH persists in continuous scientific and technological innovation, increases the investment in R & D and continuously improves the comprehensive performance of the products, especially to reduce energy consumption, and meet the national strategic needs for the development of new energy and energy conservation and emission reduction. The national mandatory standard "Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Grade for Water Electrolysis System" (GB32311-2015) led by the company, has been formally implemented in January 1, 2017. Also we are engaged in drafting a large number of national standards for hydrogen energy.

    The company's participation in the "Feichi-SJH" hydrogenation station has provided services for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. We take part in "973" national research program "Large Scale Hydrogen Production of Wind Power" by providing a series of hydrogen generator with excellent performance.

    The new high-efficiency water electrolysis hydrogen generator developed by the company is listed in the "National Industrial Energy Saving Technical Equipment Recommendation Catalogue" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China(MIIT) in 2017 and has already entered the new energy field. At present, it has been used by two domestic hydrogen station of hydrogen energy fuel cell vehicles.

    Now, SJH is entering new energy field for hydrogen energy with greater strength and more investment, making greater contributions to China's new energy business as well as energy saving and emission reduction.