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  • Ultra-high Purity Hydrogen Generator

    If you are looking for the ultra-high purity hydrogen generator(highest purity hydrogen generator), we can offer you the best quality and durable equipments which have the CE certification. Our company is one of the experienced and professional manufacturers in China. Don't hesitate any more....
    Product Details:

    Ultra-high purity hydrogen generator

    So as to meet the requirements of high-end customers in field like semiconductors, our company designs and manufactures ultra-high purity hydrogen generators CDQ series.

    Detailed parameters are as follows:

    Series: CDQ

    Hydrogen output: 1~10 Nm3/hr

    Hydrogen purity: 99.99999%

    Pressure: 10 bar

    Impurity contents(O2, H2O, N2, CO, CO2):   ≤0.1 PPM

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